Clothes for Kina

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These are the very anticipated Clothes for the Kina Avatar

They are for those occasions where you need to be very stylish.

(can also adapt for other furry avatars if you want)

With this purchase, you get:

  • The clothes in .fbx, .blend, spp and .unitypackage
  • you also get a few textures (credit goes to riber)
  • it halso has a blendshape for male/flat chest

The clothes have 2446 polys (top : 938 | loincloth : 1508)

the clothes use the standart shader, but there is also one that

can change rgb that uses poiyomi

They also have very nice UVs for if you want to paint them yourself

If you need any help or have any other questions, you can contact me on discord:


you can use this asset on public or private avatars,

also you may NOT redistribute this asset,

and if you include it in a commission or whatever, both parties must own the asset

Also for people that have the Kina Owner role in Natch's server and have this clothing bought, there is

a unity project for download, for if you dont want to do all the stuff with attaching the

clothes to the avatar on blender and stuff ;) you just have to ask me through discord SirKioi#0001

The Kina avatar is made by Natch Deux

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With this purchase you get the Clothes for the Kina Avatar

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Clothes for Kina

2 ratings
I want this!