Hobkin Redux good Axolotl Fins/Gills

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With these assets you can turn your Hobkin Redux into a good loking Axolotl!!!

Guy in the pictures is SrOmega

These assets have been made for the Hobkin Redux from the ground up for a perfect fit.

There are 12 Different types of Tail Fins each with a ripples blendshape

There are 2 main types which are Horizontal and Vertical,

each have a Long, Medium and Small size,

and also have option to combine with the tail fluff or without.

And the Gills/Fins have 7 BlendShapes for Customization

Each packet contains:

  • An FBX (or multiple)
  • The UnityPackage for simplicity
  • The Blender File
  • A Manual/Guide to help you get these assets on you Avatar

For the poly count its:

  • about 2.5k for the Gills/Ears
  • between 800-400 for the Tail Fins

It has really good topology and uvMapping is pretty neat too,

and it comes with a gradient texture to do some fancy stuff aswell.

You can also use some of your own materials using poiyomi and such,

or if you want it even comes with some basic poiyomi materials!

It also looks great with audiolink!

If you need any help or have any other questions before buying, you can contact me on discord:


Or you can also join my discord server (the server is still a WIP)

Join my discord server!

These assets are made to be used for vrchat but you are free to use it elsewhere

My Policies:

  • You can use these assets on public or private avatars,
  • You may NOT redistribute these assets,
  • If you include any of these assets in a commission or whatever, both parties must own said asset

If you dont have the Hobkin Redux you can get it on Hobbert's gumroad or patreon:

Also ratings are apreciated uwu

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Hobkin Redux good Axolotl Fins/Gills

3 ratings
I want this!