Kita'Vali Swimsuit

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This is the not so very anticipated swimsuit for the Kita'Vali Avatar,

It's for those occasions where you need a very stylish swimsuit for undisclosed reasons.

With this purchase, you get:

  • The swimsuit in .fbx and .blend
  • it halso has a blendshape for male/flat chest

The Swimsuit has 1328 polygons

It also has a very nice UV for if you want to paint/texture it

and is fully rigged/weight painted.

Also has 2 variants,

  1. Swimsuit with 2 materials (Split in the middle)
  2. Regulular Swimsuit


  • Swim
  • Be Stylish
  • Look good


  • Redistribute
  • Resell
  • Give out free copies of the product
  • Take credit

you can use this asset on public or private avatars,

and if you include it in a commission or whatever, both parties must own the asset

Would be very recommended to have Blender knowledge, if not, ive added a guide

Reviews would be apreciated : )

If you need any help or have any other questions, you can contact me on discord:


I want this!
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Kita'Vali Swimsuit

0 ratings
I want this!